Coordinated Achievement has a team of subject specific experienced teachers and leaders to create meaningful professional development for your staff.  We are a results driven organization that creates customized professional development because we realize that each educational environment has different needs and goals.  Our approach involves a sequence of  workshops to continuously monitor and improve instructional and leadership strategies.

We provide customized our systems to meet your specific needs, below is a list of previous professional development topics:

buy Lyrica online usa Integrating literacy into STEM courses and programs
buy propecia over the counter Authentic assessment with cooperative groups Building critical and creative thinking in the classroom without eliminating the “skills practice”
Differentiation – what it really should look like and how to do it easily
Creating horizontal and vertical structure for CCSS, ACT, and AP format and skills
Using formative assessment to drive instruction
Stop reinventing the wheel – making what you have better
How predicting student responses can improve instruction
Creating meaningful interdisciplinary units
Creating and building your Advanced Placement program for success
Managing data efficiently and effectively
Using clouds to streamline efficiency and effectiveness in instruction and curriculum
How to make department meetings more functional
Creating and using interim assessments effectively
Creating a lesson study program

For more information about these and other professional development opportunities we provide, please contact us