We focus on empowering your staff to become leaders within your school or district.  Our team works with your administration to develop a leadership team to create cyclical systems of continuous improvement.


Coordinating Systems of Student Achievement

Our work is focused around 2 essential questions:

  • buy propecia cheap uk Does this system increase student achievement on college readiness and national assessments?
  • follow site Is this system sustainable for long term growth?

What is a see system?

What we call “systems” are cyclical processes that coordinate curriculum, instruction, and assessment in a meaningful way.  We don’t see each process independent of the other and are always in alignment both vertically and horizontally within a school or district.   If all parts are moving together systematically, then student growth is achieved.

Give me an example?

When working with your staff, we might develop a system of assessments.  We collaboratively answer questions in a needs assessment such as: How are your assessments scaffolded 9-12 by pacing to mimic college readiness exams?  How are question stems and key vocabulary aligned to standards as well as vertically and horizontally within your school?  Do you have a balance of assessments types – formal and informal, formative, summative, performance, and projects? How do you easily gather data from your assessments to inform your instruction? How do is your staff using the instructional shift from the CCSS to accurately design assessments?

Based upon the needs, our subject specific consultants will work to collaboratively create a system of assessment protocols that can be further refined by your instructional leaders.