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see url Brett Doudican, Founder

1-IMG_8826.CR2Brett is an instructional leader and has been teaching mathematics in urban schools in Chicago and Dayton, Ohio for over 8 years.  In addition to teaching AP Calculus, AP Statistics, and Advanced Algebra with Trigonometry, he is a Regional Leader in Mathematics for the Ohio Department of Education, a Resident Educator Mentor, and has designed curriculum for YouTube Edu, GetAFive.com, and Teach For America.  He has served as a mentor teacher and taught content specific teaching courses to new teachers in alternative certification programs while in Chicago.  Brett currently sits on his school’s Leadership Team and Curriculum Development Team and has led the school Data Team and Advanced Placement Program Development Committee.  His students typically enjoy a 10% increase in their ACT scores each year.  Brett earned his M.A. at DePaul in Foundations of Education with a focus in Curriculum and Literacy and earned his BS at Ohio University in Integrated Mathematics Education. He reflects on his practice while sailing, competing in triathlons, or hiking with his family.

Specialties: Curriculum Alignment, Advanced Placement Program Development, Cross-Curricular Literacy

http://edfell.com/blog/ Donna Ivanisevic

photo (4)Donna has been with the Chicago Public School system for over 11 years.    She believes that strong classroom structures, detailed systematic planning and efficient instruction lead to high student achievement.   She currently is a member of her school’s Instructional Leadership Team as well as chairman of the Mathematics Department.  Donna’s students, both in her classroom and those she privately tutors, have shown an average ACT growth of over 12% each year.    She earned her M.A. Ed. from DePaul University with a focus on Mathematics Education and has continued to strengthen her own skills by researching trends in urban education and mathematics.   She has completed training in developing classroom management techniques, educating gifted students, as well as engaging students in the mathematics classroom.

Specialties: Leadership Development, Curriculum Mapping, 

can you buy clomid online uk Hannah Schuchhardt

IMG_20140521_200640Hannah Schuchhardt, a Valparaiso alumna, has been an educator in public schools for 5 years.  As a member of the Chicago Teaching Fellows, Hannah started off her career ready to attack the challenges faced in an urban educational environment.  Soon into her teaching career, Hannah’s passion for problem solving and critical thinking pushed her to become part of the AP Steering Committee.  Since realizing the importance of guiding and supporting students to take AP level classes she sought out other opportunities to advance student achievement.  As Junior Team Lead, Hannah works relentlessly to ensure that all 11th grade students will be prepared for the ACT and leads her team to find new ways of improving instruction while increasing the rigor.  Because of her focus on rigor, the students in her honors Precalculus course increased their ACT scores by 17% for an average of 25.6 on the middle of the year ACT.  With a focus on student achievement and the incorporation writing and critical thinking into her curriculum, Hannah enjoys challenging herself to find innovative ways to push her students to succeed.

Specialties: Differentiation, Higher Level Learners

Laura Dobroski

lauraLaura Dobroski is a Teach for America corps member who has been a public school teacher for 9 years.  She has taught all levels of mathematics, including AP Calculus.  Laura’s classroom management expertise, along with her strong ability to scaffold instruction to incredibly high levels of thinking and learning has increased her students’ critical thinking skills.  Laura graduated with a B.S. in Mathematics from DePaul University with a concentration in Actuarial Science and a M.A. from Dominican University with a focus on Teaching.  As Sophomore Team Lead, Laura worked to create interventions for struggling students who were off-track to graduate and helped create meaningful interdisciplinary units for the sophomore students.  Laura also has experience leading course teams to ensure that skills are aligned to students needs while ensuring preparedness for the next level of mathematics.  Laura is passionate about public education and believes that all students should learn in an academically rigorous environment that focuses on problem solving over procedures.

Specialties: Classroom Management, Cross Curricular Projects, Horizontal Teaming

Carl Edgren

CarlCarl is a former futures and options trader who made the switch to teaching five years ago.  While beginning his teaching career in Chicago, Carl taught all levels of mathematics and boosted his students achievement by over ten percent growth on their ACT.  He led the 9th grade team as well as the Freshmen Success Collaborative lead, which helped freshmen students transition from elementary school to high school.  He was also elected by his teaching peers to represent them on the Local School Council, which oversaw allocation of school resources and the development and implementation of the school improvement plan.  Currently, Carl teaches upper level math courses including Advanced Placement Calculus in Traverse City, Michigan.  Carl continuously exposes his students to the world of mathematics beyond typical high school courses through technology, course projects, and researching ideas with colleagues. He believes in public education and his goal is to inspire more students pursue STEM related careers.

Specialties: Data Analysis, Technology, Early Intervention Strategies

Christine Himmelfarb

photo (4)Christine, a former copy editor and journalist, brings a passion for writing and literature to her classroom. After completing her master’s degree in humanities from the University of Chicago, she transitioned from journalism to teaching as a Teach for America corps member. Christine has taught in a Chicago charter school, a selective enrollment Chicago public high school, and a middle school in the Bay Area in California. Now at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, she teaches English to creative and funny 9th and 10th graders. Her high-energy classroom features vigorous discussions, close analysis of texts, impromptu acting, and text-to-film adaptations. Outside of Room 306, her favorite activities include making fruit and vegetable purees for her 6-month-old daughter; collecting passport stamps; reading student-recommended novels; and practicing French at the Alliance Francaise Chicago.

Specialities: Writing, Literacy, Accelerated learners

Gretchen Phillips

Gretchen has been teaching mathematics and language arts in public schools for eight years.  She is a University of Dayton graduate where she studied Middle Childhood Math and Language Arts. She also received her Master’s in Educational Leadership from Xavier University in Cincinnati.  Gretchen has worked in a range of districts including urban and suburban.  She spent a year in Louisville, KY teaching all males and then took her passion for teaching to the Cincinnati area where she worked for five years as both an educator and an instructional coach.  Gretchen has spent the last two years teaching in the Dayton area which she now calls home.  In addition to teaching, Gretchen has served as a mentor teacher and has worked on curriculum revision and development with various instructional teams.  In her spare time (yeah right!), she loves to read, cook and spend time outside biking and running. 

Specialties: Middle School English, Instructional Mentoring, Curriculum Design

Isaac Robinovitz

IsaacIsaac began lecturing seven years ago in a science teacher education program at the graduate level, helping to shape the next generation of science teachers. He then went into the classroom to teach students in grades 7-12 in the city of Chicago. Isaac’s central tenant of science education is that science is best learned by doing. As such, he is dedicated to, and has written curricula based on, student-centered experiences and a hands-on approach to the exploration of our world. These methods include weekly labs as part of a wider classroom environment that prepares students to be better critical thinkers and even better citizens. This has led to an increase in annual student gains on the Science ACT. In addition, Isaac has introduced state-qualifying Science Olympiad teams at the last two schools he has taught at and has worked for the last three summers with the University of Chicago Astronomy Department and NASA to introduce Chicago-area students and teachers to authentic astronomy research. Isaac has a B.S. in Astrophysics and Physics from the University of Michigan and an M.A.T. from Cornell University in Science Education. He spends his free time exploring the great outdoors, cycling, and cooking with his wife and his dog, Tesla.

Specialties: Science, Project Based Learning, Advanced Placement

Jonathan Kieth

IMG_0128Jonathan Keith is a National Board Certified Teacher with extensive experience in traditional public and charter school teaching and development. Personally recruited by multiple organizations, Jonathan developed the first YMCA high school in Detroit, and is responsible for launching five new charter schools in Louisiana. Jonathan has consulted and trained Social Studies departments and school administrations in hundreds of districts across the country as well as teams from Australia, Canada, and Department of Defense schools. He has served as a classroom teacher, department chair, AVID Coordinator and District Director, Assistant Principal, and Principal. Jonathan is also a National Staff Developer who works regularly with AVID and the College Board. He currently serves as Regional Supervising Principal for Northwest Louisiana Pathways In Education. Jonathan holds two M.A.s from Concordia University in Chicago and has been certified by Michigan State as an Administrative Coach for principals. His hobbies include reading and having outdoor adventures with his family.

Specialties: Whole school development, New School Start-ups, Rural Distance Learning and Homeschooling, as well as developing inquiry and critical thinking skills in Social Studies